Can Parrots Eat Oatmeal?


  Welcome to the wonderful world of parrots and their dietary habits! Today’s topic of discussion is a question that many parrot owners may have wondered about: Can parrots eat oatmeal? It’s a curious query that can lead to a fascinating exploration of the nutritional needs and preferences of these colorful and intelligent birds. So, … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Potatoes?

Can Parrots Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes are very popular among humans. Also there so many animals are available that can eat potatoes. But can parrots eat potatoes? Okay, so it’s a very common question to many parrots owners. Because potatoes are a very common food to eat for many animals. However, parrots also can eat potatoes but usually, they don’t … Read more

Does My Chicken Love Me?

Does My Chicken Love Me

Once upon a time, people used to pet only dogs or cats. But nowadays people are also making pet hens. It now becomes a common thing. And many pet hen owners are thinking that his/her hen loves them? Does My Chicken Love Me? This is an important question that most hen owners have. Because understanding … Read more

Best Ornamental Bird Feeder – Best Decorative Bird Feeders

Best Bird Feeder Pet Lover Blog

7 Most Beautiful Bird Feeders and Buying Guides Feeling bored in your home? Tired of watching Netflix the whole day? Need a breath of fresh air in entertainment? Go get a bird feeder for your home. You won’t regret it. Set up your bird feeder by your window and blend in with nature. The sound … Read more