Does My Chicken Love Me?

Once upon a time, people used to pet only dogs or cats. But nowadays people are also making pet hens. It now becomes a common thing. And many pet hen owners are thinking that his/her hen loves them?

Does My Chicken Love Me? This is an important question that most hen owners have. Because understanding a dog’s or cat’s love is easier than understanding a hen’s love.

So if you are also thinking or finding the answer to this question that read this question. Let’s take a closer look at how chickens show love and affection for their owners.


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How do you know if your chicken loves you?

Here are some ways to know if your chicken loves you:

#1. They will keep starring at you:

Chickens will watch everything you do, from eating dinner to watering plants in the garden. They may not understand exactly what you’re up to, but they like to observe what their human companion is doing. If your pet chicken stares longingly at you when you enter a room, chances are it loves spending time with you!


#2. Let you pick them up:

Most of the hens don’t like to being picked up or cuddled by its owner. Even if it was your old pet it may not like to being picked by you.

So, if you hen let you pick them up then it of course loves you and trusts you. It doesn’t mean that they will come to you and will say to you “Hey, come and pick me!!”.

But in realty when you will go to catch them they will stop running or they will wait for you to pick them up.


#3.  They will follow you:

If your pet hen follows you around the yard or house, this is one of the surest signs of affection. Chickens are always curious about their surroundings and will try to stay close to their favorite people whenever possible.


#4. They might make some noise:

Another way chickens show love is by making soft noises when they are happy. Hens will often make little clucking sounds when they are content and comfortable with their surroundings, especially when they are with their human companion.


#5.  They will sit with you:

While most chickens won’t actually sit on top of someone’s lap (it’s too uncomfortable for them!), some have been known to sit right next to their owners!

But if you’re hen sits on you lap then this is one of the clearest signs that your pet chicken trust you and loves spending time with you!


In summary:

From starring at everything we do to following us around the house and even grooming our hair—there are so many ways that chickens can show us love!

Whether your chicken likes being cuddled up in your arms or simply sitting beside you on the couch, these sweet little creatures can form strong bonds with humans if given enough love and attention.

So go ahead and give them some extra hugs today—they just might love it as much as we do!