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Men and horses have great relations from the start of time. Men used horses for battle, traveling, agriculture, and sports. Horses being a social animal, tends to live closer to human also. It could be said that both creatures please each other’s presence. As we are living in a modern time now uses of horses in battle or for traveling have stopped.

But humans acquiring horses as pets did not. Our Pet Experts found a few best horse treats there are available in the market. People adopt horses now for 3 purposes. Some take it as a hobby. Also, some adopt horses for horse racing or for playing polo.

Horses are strong animals but also they need much care to look pretty. A horse’s look depends a lot on what is its diet. There are a lot of horse foods available in the market. These horse foods are made with a mix of natural and artificial contents. Which improves horses’ coats and manes.

Strengthens their hooves and legs also. Our picks are great as the best horse treats for training also. We have accumulated data from the market and client satisfaction and choose 4 of the best horse treats there are available. Hope you will find the best treats for your horse among these.

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A Quick Comparison Table:


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petlover-5-starMrs Pastures Horse CookiesMrs Pastures Horse Cookiesview on amazon petloverblog


petlover-4.5-starManna Pro NuggetsManna Pro Nuggetsview on amazon petloverblog


petlover-4-starNutrigood Senior SnaxProbios Probiotic Treats for Horsesview on amazon petloverblog


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4 Best Horse Treats for Training

Pick #1 – Mrs Pastures Horse Cookies

Our first pick is the Mrs Pastures horse cookies. This is the best horse treats for training, therefore, popular treat among horses. It is a cute story of an old lady in California baking snacks for her beloved horse.

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies are made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, making them the perfect durable treat for your pet! This Horse Cookies are the perfect size for all pockets, making them easy to bring anywhere.

Mrs Pastures Horse Cookies & Treats are a nostalgic favorite your horse. We have been providing families with great tasting horse treats since 1884. This treats are full of natural ingredients- oats, wheat bran, cane molasses, rolled barley and fresh apples.

They’re also dehydrated which means they’ll be harder and crunchy enough to stay whole in your pocket when the going gets tough! If you’re looking for high quality and long lasting snacks for your horse then it is perfect for you.

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies and Treats is a healthy and fun treat for horses. They taste great and are all natural so they won’t upset your horse’s stomach like other kinds of processed snacks might!

The recipe was so great, then she came out and mass-producing her famous horse treats. All-natural ingredients made Mrs Pastures horse cookies the most popular horse cookie in the USA. This treat is been there from 1986 until today.

Mrs Pastures Horse Cookies Highlighted Features:

  • America’s #1 Horse Treat
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Perfect Size & Texture
  • 100% Satisfaction & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



Mrs Pastures Horse Cookies

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  • Brand: Mrs Pastures
  • Package Dimension: 13” x 7” x 4”
  • Package Weight: 5.13 lbs
  • Ingredients: Oats, wheat bran, rolled barley, cane molasses, apples and water
  • Dehydrated horse treats


  • No additives/ preservatives
  • 100% organic
  • Crunchy textured
  • Made in the USA
  • Popular for over 20 years

Final Verdict-

Mrs Pastures Horse treats are popular since the ’80s. Young to old horses like its distinguished taste. You can easily try this wonderful treat for your horse.

Pick #2 – Manna Pro Nuggets

Every horse likes a good bite-size treat. That is why Nugget sized snacks are so popular among horse owners. Manna pro produces irresistible nuggets for adult horses. The Manna Pro Nugget horse treat for adult horses are renowned everywhere.

Manna Pro Bite-Sized Horse Treats are the perfect training treats for horses. They’re made with real ingredients that taste great, offer wholesome nutrition, and are easy to break into smaller portions so you don’t have to share.

These bite sized horse treats come in a resealable bag so they can last longer! They come in convenient single serve sizes so there isn’t waste. Manna Pro Bite-Sized Horse Treats improve your horse’s mood and appetite.

Every horse deserves a treat, but there is no reason to spoil them with a huge chunk of one. Introducing Manna Pro Horse Treats perfectly sized bites for horses who deserve to be overindulged every once in a while!

These delicious, bite-sized horse treats are perfect for rewarding and training. Each morsel is chock full of the nutrients your horse needs to be healthy! Your horse will love the apple flavor – it’s his favorite! Supplemented with vitamins and minerals in small bite sizes, this is sure to be their favorite little savory treat all day long!

They’ll never forget how much they like apples when they taste these! Manna Pro Bite-Sized Horse Treats are packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Selenium, Iron. They also taste great, especially considering how small they are – these should be just the thing to get you both excited about training them!

Manna Pro Horse Treats Highlighted Features

  • Great Taste Guaranteed
  • Vitamins and Minerals:
  • Pocket Sized
  • Apple Flavored



Manna Pro Nuggets

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  • Brand: Manna Pro
  • Ingredients: Wheat, soybean. Feeding oatmeal, sunflower meal, etc.
  • Unit Weight: 4lbs
  • Suitable for: Adult Horse
  • Flavour Available: 4


  • Over 300 nugget snacks per bag
  • Pocketable treats
  • Bite-size treats, suitable for training and rewarding
  • Comes in amazing 4 fruity flavors
  • #1 best seller on Amazon

Final Verdict-

Manna pro nuggets for adult horses are renowned among horse owners. Horses love the nuggets for their fruity flavors. If you want to train your adult horse, the manna pro would be an amazing choice.

Pick #3 – Nutrigood Senior Snax

The Nutrigood senor Snax is a horse treat from our friends at Manna Pro. Manna Pro is popular for its diverse range of pet Snax. They are producing excellent horse foods also. Nutrigood senior Snax is excellent baked horse treats for senior horses. The treat is both tasty and healthy as well.

Nutrigood Senior Snax Horse Treats is a health product designed to support your aging horse’s joints and digestive system. A regular intake of these delicious treats will help maintain healthy weight, blood sugar levels, and an overall happiness.

Brought to you by Nutrigood, the makers of quality and healthy treats for horses. Nutrigood Senior Snax Horse Treats are made with essential nutrients to help your horse feel his best. These treats are specially formulated for aging horses to provide important Omega 3 fatty acids, Biotin, and Glucosamine.

They also contain ground oats, wheat flour, ground flaxseed, cane molasses, brown sugar for a healthy treat your horse will love! Nutrigood Senior Snax are baked horse treats that have been created with senior horses in mind. Seniors often have teeth that don’t chew food well, making regular treats too hard to eat.

Nutrigood Senior Snax were made after a veterinarian researched these sweets and found they can actually help maintain healthy digestive bacteria in the gut from enterotoxins from poor quality feed. Nutrigood Senior Snax provides a fun, natural treat that your senior horse will love.

This dissolve quickly and are a great way to make sure the old feller stays healthy! This snacks provide a healthy dose of calcium, protein, and important vitamins like vitamin B12 that will surely leave your horse happy!

Nutrigood Senior Snax Horse Treats Highlighted Features:

  • Formulated For Senior Horses
  • Contains Natural Glucosamine
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Encourages Healthy Hooves



Nutrigood Senior Snax

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  • Brand: Manna Pro
  • Item Weight: 2lbs
  • Age Range: Senior
  • Indigents: Ground oats, wheat flour, ground flaxseed, cane molasses, brown egg, dried egg, etc.
  • Apple flavored baked snacks


  • Made especially for your senior horse
  • Easy to chew
  • Contains natural glucosamine
  • Omega 3 fatty acid included helps for glossy skin
  • COntains biotin which helps for healthy hooves

Final Verdict-

If your horse is getting towards its senior years, you can treat him with the nutrigood senior Snax. It will suit your senior horse as it is a chewable snack. Also contains various healthy supplements that will help your horse’s physique.


Pick #4 – Probios Probiotic Treats for Horses

Probios Probiotic Treats for horses is another wonderful choice for horses. The probiotics give horses the extra protein after giving birth or after a long adventure. This horse treat is suited for all ages. The probiotics treat contains live natural microorganisms, those help horses after antibiotics treatments.

Horses eat these sweet and yummy horse treats packed with healthy gut-boosting microorganisms. Naturally sourced ingredients ensure the health of your horse’s digestive system without harming natural flora in the gut as probiotics can do.

The result is a healthier, happier, more alert equine family member!Your horse will love these apple-flavored Probios treats because they’re delicious, but more importantly for you they’re carefully designed to support your horse’s digestive health.

These Probios Probiotic horse treats help maintain your pet’s digestive balance and ensure the growth of natural defenses against infection. These delicious Probios treats are a tasty way to boost your horse’s immunity and digestive health with healthy bacteria.

These supplements can help maintain a natural balance of bacteria throughout your horse’s body while adding essential vitamins and minerals to their diet. Probios has all their bases covered for when they’re visiting with Probiotic Treats. Every horse knows that vitamins and probiotics can be important to maintain them in peak shape.

Probios is a tasty way to make sure your horses get the healthy help they need! Probios Probiotic Treats For Horses are the original probiotic for horses. They maintain healthy digestive systems, give friendly flora to help after antibiotic treatments, and act as an ideal supplement during birth, weaning, traveling or anytime

Probios Probiotic Treats For Horse Highlighted Features:

  • Source Of Live, Natural Organisms.
  • Ideal For Use In Horses During Birth, Weaning, Traveling.
  • Apple-Flavored Treat.



Probios Probiotic Treats for Horses


See The Probios Probiotic Treats On Amazon



  • Brand: Probios
  • Package Weight: 3lbs (3 pack)
  • Age: All life stages
  • Apple flavored chewable snacks


  • Apple flavor helps speed up digestions
  • Live natural organisms
  • Great after antibiotic treatments and birth.
  • #21 in amazon

Final Verdict-

The probiotic treat is a fantastic choice for recovering a horse’s strength. If your horse recently had a long journey or was on antibiotic medication this snack will help it recover easily. Also, it could be a wonderful gift for a newborn mare


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Choose The Best Treat For Your Horse

There are a lot of horse treats available in the market. Not all the snacks will be liked by your beloved horse. Even some treats also can harm your equine. So choose delicately before picking up a treat for your steed.

Some pro tips for choosing the best horse treats

    1. Try to know the location of the ingredients. Usually, the best horse treats are made in the USA and Canada.
    2. Always read the label of the pack. Identify the ingredient. Make sure the ingredients inside are suited for your steed.
    3. Say no to artificial preservatives. Pick something with natural preservatives like vitamin e.
    4. Beware of some products, that are harmful to all horses. Ae chocolates.
    5. Choose fruity snacks for your horse. The horse will love to eat those for the added textures coming from the various fruits. Ae apple, banana, roasted potato, carrot are some wonderful flavors to choose from.
    6. Before buying make sure if your horse needs any special needs or not. If your horse is on insulin resistance, then avoid treats with sugar in it. Choose treats that contain apples or even watermelon. Or you can even choose snacks that are based on cinnamon based sweeteners.
    7. Make sure the ingredients your horse treat has doesn’t interfere with your horse’s competitive testings. You can even be banned if your horse contains any illegal substances in its body.
    8. Horse’s treats are not a substitute for their regular diets. Maintain the 10% rule ( 10% of a day’s diet) for a healthy steed or mare.
    9. Store your horse food in a dry container or a zip lock bag. Do not let moisture go into it.



Treating your horse can be fun for both trainers and equine. Treats can be a great incentive for a horse to train. As they are full of flavors horses will have a great time chewing them. As all horses ain’t the same, all don’t like the same treats. So pick a treat according to your beloved steed’s choice. Hope our article can help you to pick the best snack for your lovely horse.