Can Dogs Eat Ube? A Comprehensive Guide to Ube Safety for Dogs


As pet owners, we constantly find ourselves asking whether our furry friends can enjoy the same foods we do. One intriguing item that often sparks curiosity is ube, the vibrant purple yam known for its delightful taste and eye-catching hue. But can dogs safely indulge in this exotic root vegetable? Today, we’ll explore the benefits … Read more

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Can dogs have matcha? Tea for dogs


You may have heard of matcha, a type of green tea that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This powerful tea is high in antioxidants and contains essential vitamins and minerals — but can dogs have matcha? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of matcha tea and why it isn’t suitable for … Read more

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Toys for Jack Russells – Top 10 Toys for Jack Russells

Toys for Jack Russells

Buying toys for your Jack Russell is the best way to keep them happy. We spent a lot of time researching and came up with a list of the best toys for Jack Russells. These toys are safe for your dog to play with. The Jack Russell is a high-energy dog breed that likes to … Read more

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Best Dog Ramp for Car [2021 Review and Buying Guide]

Best Dog Ramps for Car and SUVs

So if you are a dog owner, you are sure to struggle with your dog getting on and off in your car. Research shows that almost 70% of dog owners put their favorite canines at risk while getting on and off their vehicle. There is a simple solution to this massive problem. Simply get the … Read more

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Best Non Toxic Dog Toys – Safe Dog Toys 2021

10 Best Dog Toys Pet Lover Blog

Human beings and animals have a common thing in their nature that both of them enjoy playing. Besides that, pets, especially dogs, are well known as playful creatures and can be bored easily. So, pet parents must keep them busy with activities that can also lead the dog to a happy mind and good health. … Read more

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